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Executive Director

Wajeeh Ahmed, Executive Director, is in charge of the entire Shipping and Logistics line of business for Texture Holding & Investment Group globally. Wajeeh holds a Post Graduation Degree in Supply Chain Management which he acquired from Birmingham City University, United Kingdom. He is a veteran Supply Chain professional acquiring more 15 years of experience in comprehensive supply chain management. He gained this experience working for various multinational 3PLs and a proven track record of carrying out. Wajeeh is specialized in versatile shipping and forwarding. Along with a post-graduation degree in Supply Chain Management, Wajeeh also holds a degree in Sales and Marketing and has procurement experience.

Specialist Areas: Country Level General Management, Supply Chain Management Solutions, Asia/Europe/Middle East Experience, Ocean Freight, Ocean Procurement, Airfreight, Consolidation, Order & Vendor Management, Supply Chain Design, Lead Logistic Provider Concepts, Tender Management and Strategic Sales Initiatives.om around the world. They specialize in providing all Textures branches with expertise on a range of air freight products.

Senior Consultant

Shahid Rasheed is a Senior Consultant and Group General Manager of Texture Group Dubai. Shahid is a veteran of Real Estate, Freight Marketing, Textile Trading & Indenting, Logistics, and Sourcing. His is specialist in end to end supply chain, global entrepreneur acquiring vast experience of over 25 years in Franchise handling, Textiles Trading sourcing indenting, Retail Management , Shipping and Real Estate Industry. Shahid has held highly respectable positions such as; CEO, MD, Director Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Organization Management, administration and head of Marketing. Specialist Areas: Sales and Marketing Management, Real Estate Management experience in USA/Middle East Experience, Shipping Line Agent Management, Air Freight, Warehousing, Consolidation, Shipping Line Strategic Sales Initiatives, Brokerage House of Investment and Holding Company, Independently ran a Textile buying house and sourcing agency globally and locally.

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