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With the companys vision and three decades of professional experience in industries ranging from textiles and aviation to trading and investments, Texture Groups founders established the company in 2003. Their immense history proves they have been exposed to different business cycles in the GCC and the subcontinent and have come to apply a more original approach to solving problems and ensuring they are successful.From day one of establishment, Texture Holdings, made a vast name for themselves, being one of the main investment firms in the UAE. Come 2013, the company had already closed in at over AED 2.5 billion in assets ranging from property developments and land banks. Today, Texture acquires more than 3,000 clients and over 50 staff members. The company is gradually growing and continually adapting to the needs of our clients and our environment. The establishment of Texture Global Shipping is the landmark milestone in the history of Texture Group of Companies. This fact is ongoing.

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