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Customs House Brokerage


Different companies specialize in different areas of customs brokerage. TGS has the people and the knowledge in all areas of importing and exporting, making us a one-stop shop when running your import/export program. TGS offers a portfolio of value-added services designed to streamline your import/export program.
- Policy & procedural manuals
- Internal Self-Assessment (ISA)
- Risk assessment
- Trade and customs advisory services
- Pre-classification & binding rulings
- OGA expertise
- Duty drawback
- Training workshops
- Customized training to meet your needs
- Drawback, post entry, prior disclosure
- Global export services

Importing and exporting goods across the border presents its own challenges. TGS has you covered. We employ a specialized team dedicated to businesses with a cross border import/export program. Mexico/U.S. Brokerage Services
- Forwarding, document preparation, revision
- Entry type changes
- Virtual operations
- Returned goods
- Storage
- Freight forwarding
- eManifiest filing
- Importer security filing, 10 + 2
- U.S. customs bonded warehouse in Laredo, TX
- Foreign trade zone (FTZ)
- Remote location filings
- Record keeping
- Importer self-assessment, internal controls
- Training programs
- Proactive program recommendations
- Compliance consulting

Canada/U.S. Brokerage Services
- External audit, risk assessment
- Pre-classification & advanced rulings
- Customized training to meet your needs
- Drawback, refund claims
- PIP (Partners in Protection)
- ISO 9001-2008
- TC-CSP (Transport Canada, Cargo Security Program participant)
- 24/7 after hours customs clearance

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